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Rulmak Makine Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

RULMAK, has been founded in 1977 by Necdet KILINC who has been still our chairman of board of directors. Our firm which began manufacturing products in small workshops during the first years, has put forward a great performance. As a result, it has caught a positive increase in its sector by developing its working capacity, and its quality of production and variety. Afterwards, the enterprise became a partnership and has gone on producing in its factory in Barakfakih Industrial Area which is located on 18. Km of the Ankara Road, by reinforcing the managerial and technical structure of the firm..>>>


RM.1400 + RM.HSTOD-4UK RM.1200 + RM.HSTOD-4
RM.1400 Vertıcal Log Band Saw
RM.HSTOD-4UK Automatic Log Carriage Wıth Hydraulic Drive&Remote Control (Four Support)

RM.1200 Vertical Log Band Saw
RM.HSTOD-4 Automatic Log Carriage Wıth Hydraulic Drive&Digital Control
(Four Support)

RM.1200 + RM.HSTOD RM.PCD-250
RM.1200 Vertical Log Band Saw
Automatic Log Carriage Wıth Hydraulic Drive&Digital Control
RM.PCD-250 Multiripsaw Machine By Chain (Cutting Thickness Till 25 cm ) El. Motor 2x75 kw
RM.OTY-1200 RM.HCD-1
RM.OTY-1200 Automatic Hydraulic Digital Control Vertical Resawing Machine

RM.HCD-1 Multiripsaw Machine (Cutting Thickness Till 25 cm ) El. Motor 2x75 kw


RM.HCY-1 Ripsaw Machine With 1 Motionless And 2 Moving El. Motor 18 kw

RM.HCD Multiripsaw Machine ( Cutting Thickness Till 100 mm ) El. Motor 55 kw

RM.1000 Vertical Log Band Saw
RM.HSO Automatic Log Carriage With Hydromotor Driven & Log Revolve

RM.CBBK Tow Side Head Cutting Machine ( Width 6-4 mt. – 2 X 3 kw El. Motor )

RM.TY-1000 Vertical Resawing Machine, 18.5 kw with El motor RM.BBK Head Cutting Machine

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Rulmak Makine San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. 2007 | rulmak@rulmak.com.tr
Phone : + 90 (224) 384 11 00 Fax : +90 (224) 384 11 04
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Fabrika: Nilüfer Organize Sanayi Bölgesi ( NOSAB ) 209. Sok. No: 3/A BURSA/TÜRKİYE
Phone:   +90 224 384 11 00
Fax: +90 224 384 11 04
E-mail: rulmak@rulmak.com.tr